The Groove Guide to iGaming Aggregation

Simplified game integration and managing diverse casino games with a centralized solution.
Advanced analytics, multilingual support, 24/7 tech assistance, and more to enhance operator performance and revenue.
Industry Recognition and Technological Innovation

In today's fiercely competitive online iGaming market, operators are tasked with a pivotal mission: ensuring an extensive array of games is effortlessly accessible to their players. Yet, the challenge extends beyond mere game availability: Operators must deftly navigate the intricate web of integrating multiple technologies to seamlessly deliver all these games to players. Enter Groove and its state-of-the-art aggregation platform.

The Role of Casino Game Aggregation 

In an era characterised by players' insatiable appetite for variety and convenience, Groove's aggregation platform emerges as a game-changer for operators. It serves as a comprehensive solution, streamlining the intricate process of sourcing, integrating, and managing a diverse library of casino games from a plethora of providers. By centralising game access through Groove's platform, operators can overcome the logistical hurdles associated with game availability and technology integration.

Aggregators serve as a vital link between software developers and operators, facilitating the seamless integration of multiple gaming providers into a unified platform. By leveraging the services of an aggregator, casinos can streamline various aspects of their operations, ranging from game integration to payment processing. This not only ensures a smoother player journey but also simplifies the backend processes for in-house teams.

Simplifying Casino Game Integration

Aggregators simplify the complex task of incorporating diverse gaming content from multiple providers into a single platform. Without an aggregator, casinos would need to negotiate and integrate each game individually, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Aggregators streamline this process by offering a centralised platform where operators can access a wide range of games from different developers with ease.

Aggregators play a crucial role in managing payments and transactions on behalf of operators, provide integrated payment solutions that support multiple payment methods, currencies, and languages, making it convenient for players to deposit and withdraw funds. Aggregators handle the backend processes related to payments, such as fraud detection, compliance, and reconciliation, relieving the burden on in-house teams and ensuring a secure and seamless payment experience for players.

Groove Game Aggregator

Groove has been recognised as one of the ’10 Best Innovative Technology Solution Providers′ by IndustryEra Review, firmly demonstrating that the aggregator’s technology development is being acknowledged not only in the iGaming industry, but also from outside it.

IndustryEra Review is a leading global source for the latest transformative tech news, inspiration, and motivation for the world’s most pre-eminent organisations, steadfast leaders, solution providers, and budding entrepreneurs. In the last couple of years, the magazine has culminated into a paradigmatic global brand, which has been encouraging and developing excellence through their talented editorial team, reaching more than 45,000 tech industry leaders, CIO’s, CTO’s, and senior IT leaders each month either physically or through the online subscription.

Groove has significantly grown its presence throughout the last eight years across key global markets and important regulated jurisdictions through partnerships with major online gambling operators. Groove is the aggregator of choice for a host of big industry names including Sisal, Playtech, EveryMatrix, iGP, Digitain, Microgaming, ProgressPlay, BetConstruct, Alea and Quickfire, amongst others.

Enhancing Operator Capabilities

Groove's platform is not merely about simplifying game distribution. It goes above and beyond by offering an array of value-added services aimed at enhancing operators' capabilities. From advanced analytics and reporting tools to multilingual support and round-the-clock tech assistance, Groove empowers operators with the resources necessary to thrive in an intensely competitive market landscape.

Groove has ascended as a trailblazing aggregator in the iGaming sphere, providing operators with an all-encompassing game aggregation platform boasting thousands of titles from over 100 premier game studios. With unwavering dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer service, Groove offers a suite of value-added services meticulously crafted to embolden operators and catalyse revenue growth. This guide delves deep into Groove's game aggregation platform, shedding light on its salient features, myriad benefits, and accolades from the industry.

Comprehensive Aggregation Services

Groove's revamped platform epitomises sophistication, featuring a sleek and intuitive data-driven UI/UX that affords operators and casinos seamless access to an expansive library of games. With an impressive roster of over 100 content partners, Groove offers a veritable treasure trove encompassing slots, table games, live dealer games, sports betting, bingo, lottery, crash games, sweepstakes, and beyond. Engineered to augment operator performance and furnish invaluable insights on player behaviour through cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools, the platform epitomises excellence in Casino Game Aggregator.

Beyond game aggregation, Groove proffers a panoply of value-added services tailored to bolster operators in maximising their revenue potential. These encompass business intelligence, marketing, CRM, round-the-clock tech support, promotions, payments, and the stewardship of a dedicated account management team. Under the stewardship of industry luminary and COO Yahale Meltzer, Groove's cadre of industry professionals espouses a transparent and unwavering commitment to service across all B2B engagements, ensuring operators receive the requisite support to flourish.

Over the last eight years, Groove has garnered widespread industry acclaim as an avant-garde provider for operators globally. The company's rejuvenated brand identity and data-driven recommender fortify its stature as a vanguard in the iGaming sphere. Groove caters to regulated casinos spanning Europe, LatAm, Africa, CIS, and Asia, boasting an illustrious clientele that includes distinguished brands and tier-1 operators.

Game Aggregation Key Features and Industry Acclaim

Groove's game aggregation platform packs an array of indispensable features and benefits, including:

- Data-driven business analytics for performance optimisation
- Multi-currency, multi-lingual support facilitating seamless transactions
- Round-the-clock tech support with peerless response times
- Business consulting from industry luminaries propelling dynamic growth
- Single API integration streamlining game provider integration
- Cost-effective pricing underscored by a value-based business model.

Industry stalwarts, including Bombay Live, Praxis, Spribe, CT Interactive, Fazi, and Zitro Digital, have heaped accolades upon Groove's game aggregation platform, extolling its reliability, innovation, and impact on revenue augmentation. These testimonials underscore Groove's unwavering commitment to excellence and its penchant for delivering tangible outcomes for operators.

Innovative Content and Live Dealer Games

Created with the aim of easy and fast content delivery for the igaming industry, Groove is well placed with a robust live content range that encompasses some of the world’s leading live content and virtual sports brands, including LEAP Gaming, TVBET, VIVO Gaming, Lucky Streak, Super Spade, Evolution Gaming, SA Gaming and Ezugi, amongst others.

Groove has numerous live dealer titles and has built a powerful on-demand live content offering that includes live roulette, baccarat, blackjack and live dedicated tables, all of which have been generating significant interest. In addition, Groove's virtual sports offering includes virtual football, tennis, horse-racing, cycling and greyhound racing, virtual Euro basketball and cricket, amongst others.

A major reason why Groove is becoming the aggregator of choice around the world is that Groove is powered by technology innovation which provides operators with the ability to activate a range of features that enhance customer experience and engagement, improve retention, encourage extended play and produce a higher yield. The award from IndustryEra highlights the attractiveness of Groove’s technology-platform for the iGaming industry.

Sarah Fernandez, Managing Editor at IndustryEra said: “Our mission is to help IT decision-makers identify technologies and strategies to empower workers and streamline business processes, both of which are in abundance at Groove, who stood out for having developed innovative approaches to cloud, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data. They are a trailblazer transforming the iGaming industry with unique tech solutions and services.”

Advanced API Integration and Marketing Tools

Groove’s new website, has been built as part of the refresh process, and the burgeoning game portfolio available with a single-API integration currently comprises over 15,000 games, with more than 100 new games being added each month from a roster of more than 100 top content partners with a single Casino Games API integration. In addition, Push-API was developed and introduced during last year so that all game information is now included automatically in the API with no need for operators to take information manually from Groove’s market-leading back-office.

Groove API also incorporates easy-to-use functionality to control player transactions and balances, provide free spins and carry out other tasks. The API connects thousands of multilingual, mobile-friendly games with tons of in-game features from over 100 top iGaming suppliers.

With Groove API casino managers have access to this glittering game pool along with over 100 new titles each and every month from some of the world's best and most creative game studios.

Extensive Access to New Gaming Titles

Integration of plugins, payment gateways, and other third-party software is seamless and quick, just as you would expect from an award-winning technology company.

Groove's Marketing API significantly boosts the return on marketing actions and investments, giving casino managers complete, unfettered access to all of our game partners' promotions; gaining access to a variety of marketing resources, including free spins, special promotions, incentives, jackpots and tournaments.

Targeted Promotional Tools

Groove Marketing API also enables operators to search for jackpots to deploy in marketing promotions and in a context that recognises how every operator has distinct demands and constantly evolving requirements.

What's more, across all these efficient and effective marketing tools the casino has complete information because every channel feeds back directly to the player profile.

The Marketing API is used to "Get Games," which will keep casino management informed of the most recent releases; every month over 100 games are added to the portfolio and a report provides an update on what is currently available and what has not yet been uploaded to the individual casino.

Groove’s award-winning technology development continued unabated in order to fulfil operator needs and recently introduced a raft of new technical tools including the ability to set RTP by brand, the introduction of frbs for a number of game providers, launch of the data-driven flagship Recommender tool that suggests the best and most relevant content for operators, upgrades, enhancements and improvements to the UI and UX and a key enhancement of a new demo mode in the back-office.

Support for Sweepstakes Casinos

Amidst the flurry of 2023 announcements was the news that Groove is now supporting sweepstakes casinos.

The aggregation platform is enhanced with data-driven business analytics to drive stronger performance. Operators are able to optimise their performance with the reporting and BI systems that Groove offers, taking advantage of intelligent dashboards and detailed records that can assist every casino business to flourish. In essence, in conjunction with Groove's Account Management Team led by Liz Cohen, casino management are able to tailor content for territories and jurisdictions to ensure immersive entertainment suited to player requirements.

Groove is both multi-currency and multi-lingual. No fuss, instant access to a number of international payment providers with a multitude of payment methods for quick and secure transactions, including cryptocurrencies, in almost any language.

At the heart of the aggregation offering is 24/7 tech support with what is largely considered one of the best professional tech teams in the iGaming industry, Groove are there 24/7 with industry-leading response times to keep casinos fully supported night and day based on state-of-the-art JIRA project management software, ensuring all queries are dealt with in under three hours and typically less than one hour.

The Groove Team are gambling industry professionals with a background in casino servicing and management. This means top talent drawn directly from the online casino ecosystem lend their hard-won experience to data to crack problems and help build more dynamic business as business consultants.

The aggregation package comes with cost-effective pricing, as Groove believes in aligning quality service to value for all our operators, that's why hundreds of casinos have chosen year-after-year to commit and recommit to our value-based business model.

Groove's game aggregation platform stands tall as a peerless tech stack bolstering casino brands globally. With its expansive game portfolio, value-added services, and industry plaudits, Groove equips operators with the tools requisite to furnish players with a superlative gaming experience and chart a course to success in the highly lucrative iGaming arena. As a contender for EGR's Aggregator Platform award, Groove continues to set a high-standard standard for excellence in game aggregation.

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