CRM System

Groove online casino CRM system streamlines player management, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to effectively track player behaviour, personalize interactions and automate targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in increased player retention and revenue.

Groove Casino CRM

Groove Casino CRM

You can clearly track the activities of players thanks to our robust CRM tools. With the help of this powerful business solution, you can gather a wealth of player preference-related data and use it to create tailored promos aimed at boosting customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Your marketing efficiency will reach the next level with proper CRM activities. The life worth of a player can be increased by up to five times with Groove Casino CRM.

Not only does Groove Casino CRM significantly increase a player's lifetime value, it also enhances gameplay and engagement and gives operators complete control over player behaviour, enabling the collection of a variety of insightful data on each player that can contribute to your business plan and annual forecasting.
Casino Player Engagement Tools

Player Engagement Tools

Groove’s CRM offers a number of tools and features that allow you to engage with your players adding value and excitement to the user experience.

From offering players a risk-free way to try out your new brand through bonuses before signing up to distributing real cash bonuses to VIP players.

There are an array of features to help you attract new players, re-engage and reactivate inactive players and most importantly, retain your best customers.

Main Features

With the help of the Groove Casino CRM system, you can set your company apart from the competition and settle into long-term success based on your strongest asset: your players.

Security and compliance

Reporting and analytics

Customer support

Loyalty programs

Customer segmentation

Player tracking

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