Meet the Women behind Groove Technologies 

Since the creation of Groove Technologies back in 2017, there has always been a strong female presence. With professional and driven women holding key roles within the company, from project managers to web designers, lawyers and heads of departments. From building Groove from the ground up to driving the rebranding in 2023, it has always been the women of Groove leading the way to success, helping the company thrive. 

Today, on International Women’s Day, we couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate these ladies and show our appreciation to the outstanding work they do within the company. Let’s meet some of the highly talented women behind Groove Technologies, bringing Groove’s vision to reality. 

Starting with Liz Cohen, Head of Account Management (and unofficially head of everything else). With more than 15 years’ experience in igaming, Liz has been a huge asset to Groove since joining the company more than 5 years ago. Bringing her knowledge and experience to help Groove navigate and thrive throughout all the changes of both the company and the industry. Not only is Liz in charge of all things account management but she also oversees almost everything happening around Groove. From training and supporting new staff, getting deep into the root to fix any errors, communicating with the tech teams, overseeing the Back Office and promotions, there is nothing this woman can’t do. 

Another woman driving Groove is Sapir Hen, Groove’s Technical Project Manager. Sapir joined the company back in January of 2020, originally as the only female member of the 24/7 tech support team (the only male driven department – things have changes since then) whilst completing her degree in Computer Science. Through her great work within the tech support team, showing her skills and potential, Sapir has worked her way up and progressed within the company becoming Groove’s project manager in 2022. We couldn’t think of a better person for the job. Handling tasks and communication within all areas of Groove, from developers to clients, Sapir is a true asset to Groove technologies. 

Avivit Ambawo Madmoni, Tech Support Team Leader. Avivit joined the company last year taking over the role transforming what was once the only male dominated department within Groove. With a background as a team leader and a B.A in Information systems and Business Administration, Avivit, through all the challenges the role brings, has successfully managed to bring order and control helping the department to run smoothly, resolving problems quickly and efficiently resulting in an improvement to waiting time on technical tickets. Leading her team to success, Avivit’s contribution to Groove has been outstanding. 

Now let’s talk about Salome Janashvili, Groove’s extremely talented Graphic Designer. Based in Georgia, Salome joined Groove back in 2020 and has proven to be a pivotal member of the Groove team. With almost 10 years experience in Art Design, Salome has used her skills and creativity to transform Groove’s image. Between her contributions to the rebranding of Groove to the continuation of her creations of art work used in all aspects of Groove including the website, social media and notifications, not forgetting her ability to rustle up something special at the drop of a hat, we continue to be in awe of Salome and her creativity. 

Another important member of Groove’s Georgian team is Ana Japaridze, Groove’s Back Office Manager. Ana is in charge of all things Back Office, meaning she adds the games and all information relating to them, updating the roadmap, communicating with the game providers, setting up brands for new clients plus an array of other tasks that is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of Groove Technologies Aggregator Platform.  

Now to another Ana, Ana Sokhadze. Ana started at Groove back in early 2022, another member of our Georgian team if you hadn’t guessed by the name. Originally joining the team taking on specific projects for Groove Technologies, Ana’s incredible and undeniable skills in SEO were soon discovered. When working on a small task during the Groove rebranding, it soon became clear where Ana’s talents lie, which makes sense considering her previous extensive experience in SEO. Now she works as an SEO specialist for Groove Technologies and has done an amazing job in promoting Groove since the rebranding, getting our name out there and driving in new business.  

Sylvia Turkowicz, Business and Office Coordinator. Sylvia joined Groove back in 2022 and has since become the backbone of the Groove team taking care of all employees whether here in the Israeli office or those abroad. Whether it’s organising fun team building events, administrational needs or arranging our trips abroad to conferences, Sylvia is there to manage it all and nothing goes unnoticed. But that’s not all, through her attention to detail and on and off the job learning, Sylvia is also now taking care of many of the company’s compliance needs so who knows maybe there will be a new position on the horizon. 

Last but by no means least, Rachel Tourgeman, Senior Account Manager. Starting with a few small accounts and driving them to success almost immediately, Rachel has grown within the company and proven to be an indispensable member of the Groove team. Since joining Groove, mid pandemic in 2020, Rachel has taken on many other roles and tasks within the company including building client relations, frequently travelling to many conferences as well as more recently taking over the role of coordinating Groove’s press releases and social media engagement all the while continuing in her devotion and dedication to her clients. She also just happens to be the writer of this blog post 😉. 

These are just a few of the incredible women of Groove Technologies. Through their hard work and dedication, these women facilitate in making Groove the company it is today and for this, on International Women's Day, we thank them.

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